Today I will not write one of the usual articles dedicated to new knowledge or fun articles for people who have never heard of Opera, no.

Today I will write for all the people who try to make music their job, from the boys who spend whole days studying, forgetting the world outside their room, to adults who have realized that their passion could not be extinguished and day after day, against all the certainties of life, they put themself on the line. This article is dedicated to you. To all those who have big dreams and who throughout their lives are told to keep their feet on the ground, to all those who have left their homes, their families and their customs to study music here in Italy, the cradle of music and opera.

Music in all its facets wins young and old throughout the world. Some people are completely enraptured by this art, to the point of choosing to take this path as a profession because passion is stronger than everything; some are very predisposed, others with infinite study and hard work get great results. But it is a hard world, because in addition to the individual part (of the study, of improving oneself, of unblocking one's fears), there is an external component (the topic I will focus on today).

By external component I mean all the limitations that are given by others: from the environment in which you study, sometimes from conservatives, sometimes from friends who do not understand your goals and dreams and / or partners who do not support you. To all these people I say that you are not dreamers just because you have the goal of being the next UTO UGHI (one of the greatest violists of all time) or because you want to be the next MARIA CALLAS, no. Ughi and Callas, before being the myths we know, were just young students who put passion and dedication into what they did. They were only Maria and Uto, two young people who had great dreams and great goals.

stage2It is said too often that being a musician or singer is very hard because only a few are successful, but the truth is that few come to the stage because those few do not give up and give every fiber of their body and heart to music. One day my Maestro told me: "music is faithful, it comforts you, it cuddle you but in the same way it is cruel, because what you give it, it gives you back", nothing more. And this is the reason for its cruelty, to commit ourselves all we must face ourselves, sometimes our worst enemy. If you have the strength, however, to do this, never allow anyone to tell you that your dream is too big, because if you can dream it you can do it. Never allow yourself to tell teachers, friends and family that you are wasting time in something that gives no future and above all never allow yourself to say that you will never make it, because this is only a pretext for your failure. Work hard, love what you do and never stop believing.

Yes it is true, our country does not help culture. But I tell to all the people who live with an artist: help him, believe in him because otherwise the culture will really die and we don't want this.

Never stop studying, working hard and having that light in your eyes that comes from your passion, "because each of us has a pair of wings, but only those who dream learn to fly".

Original article by Alessandra Gambino
Translated by Dario Medaglia