1. You can share the Opera. You can go there alone, but listening to intense emotions together with another person binds you and creates a connection using only your eyes (because you can not talk).

2. At least once in life you have to go to remove it from your to-do list.

3. You will never feel anything like this if you do not go to the theater.

4. Wear the long dress or the suit "it's cool" and the young singers are a pretty sight.

5. The Opera takes us to new and unknown countries, from the East to the West.

6. The world remains outside the theater and you can immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure.

7. Theaters are incredibly beautiful. 

8. The Opera clearly says and makes you understand what happens on the stage.

9. The Opera is reciting the truth.

10. The Opera is narrating your life.

Original article by Alessandra Gambino
Translated by Dario Medaglia